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A holiday is a break from your day-to-day activities. Unless you are a secret millionaire you don't have a chance to take them as often as you would like. So it is important to get the best from your time. Depending on what you want from your break we hope to have a few ideas for you here.

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Lunigiana covers an area from the Apennines to the Magra river, belonging in part to Tuscany and in part to Liguria. It takes its name from Luni, a Roman town, perhaps pre-dated by an Etruscan settlement, which became the principal urban center on the northern Tuscan coast.

Some contend that the name Luni refers to the moon, whilst others maintain, that the region was populated by those who worshiped the moon. The symbol of contemporary Lunigiana is a crescent moon held in the claw of a bear.

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The rest of Tuscany

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But why stop at Lunigiana - when you have the whole of Tuscany to explore as well! Within 2 hours drive you are in the heart of Chianti - this is the Tuscany you'll see on all the travel posters, the rolling hills and avenues of cypress trees.

Lucca, Florence, Pisa, Siena

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Beyond Tuscany...

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It is no coincidence that Tuscany is such a popular holiday destination. Not only do we have all the Tuscan based tourist attractions, but being in the centre of Italy means that there are lots of other opportunities as well.

Our northern tip of Tuscany is on the border of Liguria and Emilia Romagna - so there are two other unique Italian territories to explore. Liguria is a coastal province so the sea has a great influence on the region. Emilia Romagna is often called the kitchen of Italy so you know food and agriculture are important here.

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