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Áine and Paul would like to welcome you to our website for Palazzo Marmi - our bed and breakfast.

We are in the centre of Gragnola (a small medieval village) in Northern Tuscany in a region known as Lunigiana. This is a traditional and historic area, away from the busier tourist cities, but within easy reach of them for day trips.

We hope you enjoy browsing our site and find it useful and informative. We know you'll love the area and look forward to welcoming you in person, whether it be for a weekend break, holiday or whilst looking for your own property to buy in Lunigiana and your own piece of 'La Dolce Vita' some time soon!

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Gragnola Medieval Market
Medieval Market
Every year in August in Gragnola the village goes back to...

In July Fivizzano host an archery competition - the Disfida...

Fivizzano Disfida
Equi Terme Presepe
Presepe Vivente
Christmas brings the borgo of Equi Terme to life with a life size 'crib' or presepe...
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